Tonight: Harvey Milk. No, the other one.


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After relishing in obscurity in its Athens, Ga. hometown for six or so years (1992-1998), ear-obliterators Harvey Milk found its discography wound up being reissued and finding new fans all over the place. The band never ventured far from its hometown in its ’90s heyday, despite releasing numerous 7” singles and several studio albums and compilations. The band did eventually reunite in 2006, releasing the acclaimed, heavier-than-thou Life… The Best Game In Town (Hydra Head) in 2008. Now a bit gray in the hair, the band shifts effortlessly (and sometimes brutally) from minimal, ear-splitting warpath sludge to arena-sized riff operas, with some southern-fried Led Zeppelin blues-metal for the occasional howler. John Bonham’s drums resonate throughout, as does the doom and gloom of heavies and colleagues Earth, Sunn O))) and The Melvins. Earplugs are for babies.


The band plays an all-ages gig tonight at the Zeitgeist at 7 p.m. Admission is $5.


It’s only fitting that Harvey Milk is to compete for the attention of a like-minded audience most likely headed to Baton Rouge for an impressive Pelican, Isis and Torche triple bill. Instead, the band plays alongside local punks Stupid Man and Baton Rouge’s guitar-wielding indie rockers Man Plus Building. (Hit the jump for a trailer of the band's documentary, Anthem.)



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