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    You've seen 'em everywhere: biodegradable plastics. Quite a few local coffee shops and restaurants swear by them. But do they work? Or are they just another thing to throw away? Bottom line: Use something you can put in your dishwasher. (Not getting something to go? Ask for a mug or glass before they fill a plastic one.)
  • According to the Organic Trade Association numbers, organic food sales increased 17.1 percent in 2008 from 2007.
  • The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) says this spring is the greenest season yet in home building in the U.S. It cites more than 3,100 builders, designers, etc. earned the Certified Green Professional educational designation, and more than 200 single-family homes, remodeling projects and developments in 43 states have received National Green Building Certification, with another 300-plus scheduled for inspections. Learn more here.
  • Yesterday, One Block off the Grid and South Coast Solar announced the New Orleans area will be the program’s first official city outside of California for a solar community purchasing program which would allow homeowners to organize as a community and buy solar in bulk at a discount.
  • New York Gov. David Patterson may be close a statewide bottled water ban, along with San Fran and Chicago, uses sound reasoning: "Taxpayers have spent billions of dollars to ensure that we have clean drinking water supplies. If we are going to make such significant investments, we should reap the benefits and use that water. Our efforts will serve as an example for local governments, businesses and residents to follow." Plus, reusable bottles out there are way cooler looking than those plastics.

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