Richman Still A Poor Man


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The good news at the James Beard Foundation Awards was that Ella Brennan took home the Lifetime Achievement Award; the bad news was none of the other New Orleans nominees were chosen and the worst news was that GQ’s Alan Richman won two awards.

     Richman, as you might recall, wrote a scathing indictment of New Orleans restaurants and cuisine, which, considering he did his research for the article less than a year after Hurricane Katrina, seemed blatantly unfair. Kind of like challenging a man to arm wrestling match who just suffered a stroke (insert your own sad analogy here).

     It didn’t take for the TP’s  Brett Anderson to take him to task, finding that Richman’s work shouldn’t be considered “serious journalism.” Anderson wasn’t alone. The late Ashley “Sinn Fein” Morris wrote in a letter to GQ that “New Orleans must be rebuilt, and I say the levees should be armored with [Alan] Richman’s skull as a start.”

     Gambit’s own Noah Pais took on Richman as well, and in this case, it was more like Richman challenging a muscled-up, steroid-crazed*, iron worker to an arm wrestling match. Take a look (scroll down past Richman’s column to read Pais’ response). The exchange can still get your blood pumping, and if it does, there still might be time to sign the petition.


*As far as I know, Noah Pais has never used writing-enhancing drugs, unless you consider coffee to be an enhancement or bourbon and cokes on the morning Hurricane Gustav almost hit us. 


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