"Woman sues Wal-Mart over nutria in store"



And to think the most exotic thing I've ever seen in Walmart were guppies and those betta fish in plastic cups. Out in Cajun country, shopping is more of a safari. From the Abbeville (La.) Meridional (courtesy of our friends at The Independent in Lafayette) comes this tale of a woman suing the discount retailer after a traumatic nutria encounter in the vicinity of the soft-drinks aisle:

According to the lawsuit, Rebecca was in the grocery aisle shopping on Oct. 11, 2008. Her basket was full of food when suddenly and without warning, a large nutria came from behind the Coke rack and ran straight towards Rebecca, the lawsuit said.

Rebecca, fearing for her safety, pulled the shopping cart towards her to protect her from the nutria and as she did, the cart rolled over her left foot causing her to stumble and causing her to suffer an injury.

Wal-Mart’s employees came to assist her and told Rebecca that, “she had an encounter with Norman,” a name the employees had given the nutria, the lawsuit stated.

The story carried no reaction from Walmart.

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