The Girlfriend Experience - Nola screening




Steven Soderbergh's The Girlfriend Experience is not set for release till May, but it got a recent wave of press following its screening at the Tribeca Film Fest last week (some of it collected here). Soderbergh will be in New Orleans next week to attend a screening and discuss the film as part of a fundraiser for the New Orleans Film Fest. One of the more amusing behind-the-scenes aspects of the film is its casting. Soderbergh picked the young porn star Sasha Grey (read a list of her screen credits here) to play Chelsea, the $2000 call girl. The rest of the cast included all acting virgins. Most actually hold the jobs they play in the film. It's sort of contrived to have a journalist in the film interviewing Chelsea about her profession, but Mark Jacobsen is a reporter who has written about the industry. Two more intriguing castings include a film reviewer as a sleazy high-end escort reviewer (The Erotic Connoisseur) and a screenwriter who plays a unique client. The hedge fund managers and rich Johns are all guys who do the same thing for a living, and Soderbergh sought out men who had seen escorts and participated in swinger Internet sites and clubs. Soderbergh's next film (Moneyball) will also use non-actors as themselves. Soderbergh will attend the Wednesday screening of Che, Parts I & II at the Prytania Theater and The Girlfriend Experience Screening at Canal Place on Thursday. He'll discuss both films afterwards.

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