Wolf Apprehended


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Vincent Wolf, the man who allegedly falsely represented himself as Armon Mosadegh, has been arrested in North Carolina and is being extradited to Louisiana to face charges, according to the Orleans Parish District Attorney’s Office.

   Gambit readers first heard the name “Armon Mosadegh” in a cover story about the Orleans Public Defenders Office. In that article, a man claiming to be Armon Mosadegh had spent 29 days in Orleans Parish Prison on a misdemeanor marijuana charge because he couldn’t afford to pay his $60 bond. After the story ran, the “real” Armon Mosadegh contacted me, saying he had never been arrested and that someone was using his name. Mosadegh’s experience — an innocent man saddled with an arrest record for a crime he didn’t commit, and given the right circumstances, this could happen to anyone — became the subject of a follow-up story, “Mistaken Identity at Orleans Parish Prison.” 

     I have a feeling this isn’t the last we’ll hear of Wolf.

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