DJ Soul Sister OK after early morning fire



One of our favorite local disc-spinners, club queen and WWOZ radio host DJ Soul Sister, is OK but badly shaken after a 3 a.m. fire destroyed a vacant house next door to her own in the Carrollton neighborhood just off S. Claiborne Avenue.

"My parents are staying with me right now, and we were sleeping," she said. "All of a sudden, there was someone violently banging at the front door, hitting the doorbell over and over again. I got up and went in the living room and all I could see was flames. For a split second, all I could think of was my records, but there wasn't time."

Soul Sister and her parents got out in time, and the good Samaritan who woke them up had called 911. Several New Orleans Fire Department trucks were on the scene quickly, saving Soul Sister's house with no more damage than a charred side, some melted aluminum railings and a few broken windows. "But we're good," she says. "And my records are OK."

The good Samaritan who woke up the family disappeared; Soul Sister wanted to send her profuse thanks to him to her. And, in a particularly New Orleanian twist, one of the firefighters on the scene approached her while she was standing in the street in her pajamas to ask "Hey, don't you play music?"

"I was nervous about playing Jazz Fest," she said (she opens for Chuck Brown & the Soul Searchers Sun. May 3 at the Congo Square Stage). "But I'm not nervous about anything any more."

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