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It's almost Earth Day, dear readers (tomorrow, duh. April 22). Perfect timing: This week in Gambit you'll find your monthly green and sustainable living section Green Matters, which is now available online. You can also see me on the air tomorrow morning on WGNO's Good Morning New Orleans, talking up our aforementioned monthly section.


So in honor of Earth Day, let's take a quick global minute of some exciting green highlights, shall we?


  • In Japan, Yamaha has announced a methane-powered golf cart. That methane, boys and girls, comes from the business end of a cow. Brought to you by Science. (Hit the link for a layman's rundown of how that actually works.)
  • At the Vatican, engineers are busy planning a 740-acre, $660-million solar plant to become one of the world's largest harvesters of solar energy, enough to power its 40,000-plus homes. (Don't worry, USA: We're still Numero Uno.)
  • In New York, the Empire State Building is undergoing several-million dollars worth of renovations, including $100 million for green updates, like energy efficient lighting and digital displays for its tenants to monitor their energy emissions.


And lastly, let's take a quick look at Earth Day: The Concept. Eco-friendly e-mag Grist has been promoting a Screw Earth Day campaign, based on the idea we should make it a part of every day. But guest Grist columnist (say that three times fast) Bill Christoffersson argues (quoting Mr. Nelson) there's still much work to be done.

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