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No one from the Gambit editorial staff went to any of the local Tax Day Tea Parties yesterday. (It had less to do with any profound feeling one way or the other about them, and everything to do with trying to put out the Jazz Fest Issue on deadline. And the fact that I'm tired of jokes about teabagging, which were only funny the first 400,000 times.)

Fortunately, one of our media compatriots, Joe Longo of the estimable NOLAFugees.com, did go out to the Orleans/Jefferson Parish tea party on Veterans Memorial Boulevard, and he filed this report with us:

If the Tax Day Tea Party which took place locally out by Lakeside Mall in Metairie on April 15 were seeking converts to the cause, there was probably no better audience than myself. I had just spent a grueling weekend filing my taxes; I had that morning attended an employee meeting for a group of us who are hired to hustle beer during the upcoming Jazz Fest; my wife has a baby on the way; I daily interact with citizens who are unemployed and who do not seem to be actively looking for work, and the ones that are looking seem somehow “illegal”; my home has burglar bars on every window; and the online magazine which I edit (for no money) has recently featured stories recounting home invasions.

So if ever I was ready to entertain the notion of washing my hands of all things New Orleans and give myself over to the suburban idyll, to make friends with other put-upon Americans who feel besieged by the direction our More Perfect Union has shifted, it was now....

Read the rest of Joe's report here.

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