Town Hall focuses on climate change, coastal restoration


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Tonight, the Alliance for Affordable Energy, the Gulf Restoration Network, Sierra Club, 1Sky and the Loyola University Community Action Program host the Restore Our Coast: Repower Louisiana town hall forum on climate change, coastal restoration and energy.


The forum brings together Congressman Joseph Cao, New Orleans City Council Member Shelley Midura, Louisiana Senator JP Morrell, Monique Harden of Advocates for Environmental Human Rights, John Barry of Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority East and Dr. Sarah Mack, an environmental and public health specialist.


From Jordan Macha, Sierra Club Conservation Organizer in Louisiana:

We are in a time where critical decisions need to be made regarding energy, climate change and its impacts on Louisiana and the nation. Today's leaders and youth will inherit this crisis and are in need of serious education on the issue.

Louisiana's citizens will have the opportunity to demand real solutions to the climate change crisis.

From Jonathan Henderson, 1Sky organizer for the Gulf Restoration Network:

Louisiana is ground zero for the impact of climate change. Rising sea-levels, more powerful hurricanes and invasive species are just some of the severe risks associated with ignoring the issue.

We have an opportunity with a new President and new Congress to help prevent catastrophic climate change, but we need the leadership of Louisiana's congressional delegation, including Congressman Cao.

The meeting begins at 6 p.m. in Loyola University's Nunemaker Auditorium and is free and open to the public.

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