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We got a Twitter message in response to yesterday's post about the tenor of the comments at

We're actually trying to get a handle on the comments (sorry!); it's a ton of ground to cover. We're frustrated too

Good to know, guys. But y'all have let it go for so long....

Meanwhile, you might want to get that handle on the responses to Jarvis DeBerry's thoughtful column today:

These Blacks who are killing other Black are the product of the system..Give them welfare and food stamps and see what happens..Who really cares about how many of these Blacks kill one another? That is the only way to get rid of them..

I would like to see something take that smug look off Nagin's chocolate face!!!

We be keepin' real up in here, up in here. Look at the bright side as our Mayor said about so many murders being reported nationaly, "Hey at least it keeps the New Orleans brand out there!" Gosta keep it reel my nizzlet!!

Why do your reporters and columnists have to put up with that under their words?

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