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We got a post from Lauren Wilbert, community producer for nola.com, addressing some of the ugly racial comments (and just plain ugly comments) on the site:

Hi. I’m a NOLA.com producer and I wanted to let all of you know that this is an issue that we are seriously grappling with. We take to heart the comments on this board, and those in our own community. As the largest news site in the city by far, NOLA.com invites thousands of comments and forum posts every day, and that number continues to grow. Managing that vast flow of information is a monumental task. We are in the process of implementing new tools on the site that will better allow us to find and remove content that is offensive and violates our standards of use. The challenge is to create communities where people can have intelligent exchanges about the problems that face our community, without personal attacks and offensive language. We realize we are still far from that world, but it remains our goal. We’re constantly working to make the site better, and we welcome your ongoing feedback.

Lauren Wilbert; community producer, NOLA.com

Props to Lauren for reaching out; it sounds like she doesn't have an easy job dealing with a torrent of negativity. It's good to know that they care over there...but it also skeeves me out to wonder just what's in the comments they are deleting.

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