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I see Alison has posted the old Seafood City commercial, so I thought I'd thrust and parry with this vintage (and obviously pre-K) ad for Frankie & Johnnie's furniture on St. Claude Avenue.


This is perfect in nearly every way except two: they don't brag about their "bedroom suits," and they have the New Special Man, because the Original Special Man had already died. Nothing against the New Special Man, but anyone can tell you there was only one true Special Man. But everything else is great, especially the promise of a 10-piece Chicken Box if you spent $1000 on one of their plastic-wrapped couches or lacquered "bedroom suits."

F&J was always a big part of my life before the storm; I lived just a few blocks away and would often see the Special Man coming up the street in his big black cowboy hat with about 12 huge cigars weighing down his pocket. By coincidence, my phone number was one digit off from Frankie & Johnnie's, and since their commercials ran all night I'd often get angry or drunken misdialed calls on my answering machine from people looking for the Special Man or telling me off for running so many commercials. My favorite was the soused Uptown-sounding lady who left a long gin-fueled message: "I just wanted to tell you that your dahncing is ridiculous. I taught dahhhnce for years. And you are ridiculous."

Here's another one with the original Special Man:


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