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  1. Main Elements of the CIA Detention Program

1.1  Arrest and Transfer

1.2  Continuous Solitary Confinement and Incommunicado Detention

1.3  Other Methods of Ill-treatment

1.3.1      Suffocation by water

1.3.2      Prolonged Stress Standing

1.3.3      Beatings by use of a collar

1.3.4      Beating and kicking

1.3.5      Confinement in a box

1.3.6      Prolonged nudity

1.3.7      Sleep deprivation and use of loud music

1.3.8      Exposure to cold temperature/cold water

1.3.9      Prolonged use of handcuffs and shackles

1.3.10   Threats

1.3.11   Forced shaving

1.3.12   Deprivation/restricted provision of solid food

1.4  Further elements of the detention regime....


This is a partial table of contents from the International Committee on the Red Cross’ “ICRC Report on the Treatment of Fourteen "High Value Detainees" in CIA Custody.” The ICRC produced the 43-page report after interviewing 14 Guantanamo detainees about their experience being held in CIA-operated secret internment centers scattered throughout the world. The detainees described to IRC investigators how CIA interrogators systematically tortured them, and, as this review points out, the stories echo one another, repeating similar tales of abuse. This despite the detainees having no contact with each other and being held in solitary confinement.  

     Ironically, the IRC document was originally intended for officials from the Central Intelligence Agency, the same organization that was holding and torturing the prisoners. In a Fox News report, an unidentified U.S. official says it’s important to keep in mind that the report was derived of claims made by the terrorists themselves.

     Judge for yourself. Here’s the full report


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