I'll take Louisiana politicians for $200, Alex



Jeopardy! is a smart show for smart people, even if in recent years the question/answers have trended away from "What is 'How They Brought the Good News from Ghent to Aix'?" and more toward "Who is Britney Spears?" And the show has done well with its popular "Celebrity Jeopardy!" weeks, where famous people get up and risk showing how little they know about Mesopotamian history and "Potent Potables." One group of celebrity contestants, though, has been underrepresented over the years, and that's politicians. Host Alex Trebek addressed the issue today with the Web site Politico:

"If we were to try to attract elected officials, say, as contestants on the program, we'd be hard-pressed to come up with more than three, because most of them realize the danger of appearing on camera and not being particularly bright with regards to what's going on in our country. So they don't want to take that chance. There have been very few elected political officials who have appeared on 'Celebrity Jeopardy,' and they have not done very well."

So Trebek thinks our American politicians are stupid. Then again, they don't seem to be rushing to the show to prove him wrong. According to Wikipedia, Jeopardy! did a series of Washington "Power Players" shows in 1997-98 with pundits, journalists and a sprinkling of politicians (Pat Schroeder, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Jesse Jackson Jr.) Since then, there've been no Vitters and no Jindals, no Morials and no Nagins, and nary a Landrieu.

So: What Louisiana politicians would you like to see on Jeopardy!, and in which categories would you like them to answer?

Your answers in the form of a question, of course.

* Yes, we know this is an outdated picture of the show, but we simply don't accept a mustacheless version of Alex Trebek.

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