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    Tulane University is on its way to carbon neutrality. Shelley Meaux, senior program coordinator from the inter-university Center for Bioenvironmental Research, is working on an inventory of the university's greenhouse gas emissions to be reviewed in May 2010. Tulane will then map out its zero-emissions plan, to which it is open to suggestions.
  • The 2008-2009 Parkway Partners planting season comes to an end at 3 p.m. Saturday, April 4. ReLeaf New Orleans concludes Parkway Partners' planting of more than 6,000 trees in the city within the past year with the planting of Crape Myrtle and Redbud trees on the 2800 block of Chippewa.
  • Jean Bragg Gallery of Southern Art premieres Baton Rouge artist Rhea Gary's series of wetlands paintings "The Third Day of Creation" with an artist's reception tonight from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. The show runs through April, and a portion of the proceeds from the show will benefit the America's WETLAND Foundation.
  • New Orleans Friends of City Park is a finalist in Redwood Creek Wines and Planet Green's Greater Outdoor Project. Nonprofits nationwide entered their grant proposals in a chance to receive $50,000. Voters can decide which of the five finalists will receive the grant from April through May by logging on Redwood Creek's Web site. Friends of City Park, if chosen, will use the grant to reestablish 19 acres of Couturie Forest, largely destroyed by Hurricane Katrina.
  • Plenty Magazine (now absorbed by Mother Nature Network post-collapse) put the spotlight on New Orleans Food & Farm Network in its Soil to Stoops series, highlighting the organization's highly successful and net-friendly food map.


To end the unusual amount of good, local news, I offer this total-bummer editorial: Bottled water is the most pointless yet ubiquitous statement of 21st-century daily living. It's also an incredibly wasteful and damaging product on the environment and some economies. But the geniuses at Boxed Water Is Better! decided (rather than promoting much healthier and eco-friendly water filtration devices) to put together a product that is just as moronic, vapid and wasteful as its bottled counterpart. Either this is an extreme April Fool's joke, or its a trust-fund hippie's idea of environmentalism.

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