LaBruzzo Knows Best



While state representative John Labruzzo (R-Metairie) has apparently given up on the idea of paying poor women to be sterilized, he does have a couple of new legislative proposals for reforming the welfare system.

     Even though it already costs the state upwards of $4 million to test a small portion of welfare applicants, Labruzzo feels that all adult welfare recipients should be drug tested because “the best interests of a significant portion of the state’s population are served by ensuring that they are free of the physical and mental impairments associated with drug dependence.”      

     Labruzzo is also submitting legislation that would make anyone convicted of a felony, drug-related offense – which includes possession, use and distribution – ineligible to receive welfare benefits for 10 years. If the person undergoes drug treatment, they are only ineligible for two years. In the state of Louisiana, second offense marijuana possession is considered a felony offense.

     No word yet if Labruzzo is considering installing crime cameras in the homes of all welfare recipients.


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