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  • I vehemently oppose listicles, though I suppose this would've been a good kickoff for these briefs: From dating to snowboarding and everything in-between, Planet Green serves as a good starting point to learn how to green anything and everything. While we're doing the listicle thing, check this list for the basic no-nos one should avoid in the home.
  • Also at home, New York Times Green Inc. editor Tom Zeller Jr. is chronicling his efforts on the homefront to be more efficient and eco-friendly. His Home Green Home series finds him on the hunt for energy leaks and hiring green auditors to assess his home's carbon footprint.
  • Busy week at the Green House: Obama is supposedly making unprecedented changes at home, surpassing the eco-efforts of the Clinton and Bush administrations. Aside from the vegetable garden on the South Lawn, the Obamas will be starting small with a recycling program and environmentally-friendly household cleaners.
  • Obama signed the Wilderness Bill on Monday, March 30, which guarantees protection for more than 2 million acres. Big chunks in California and Idaho. No dice for Louisiana.
  • But not to worry. The Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation and Miss Teen Louisiana - World Pageant (of Tiffany's Tiara Productions, naturally) have teamed together to set the new platform for the pageant winner. The new Miss Teen Louisiana - World will assume the foundation as her championing cause, all the way to the Miss Teen United States - World competition in July.
  • Reminder: Tomorrow, apart from apparent technopocalyptic armageddon, is April FUELs Day. The Alliance for Affordable Energy and the Gulf Restoration Network will lead a fossil fuel protest march to the steps of the Entergy headquarters. Coal supporters, outta the way.

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