Will Nagin Lose His Dallas Palace?



A Dallas TV station is reporting that Mayor Ray Nagin is on the verge of losing his 1,700-square-foot “vacation home” in suburban Frisco for failure to pay his homeowner association dues. Apparently Nagin’s neighbors don’t know how important he is — or that other people are expected to pay his way. Maybe Texas really is a whole ’nother country.


KTVT-TV in Dallas reports on its Web site that Nagin has owned the Texas residence for about two years, but that his neighborhood association filed a lien on the townhome in January. Additional paperwork was filed March 17, and now the property owners plan to sell Casa C. Ray on April 7 to pay Hizzoner’s debts to the association.


Maybe the “auto-pay” instructions to his bank accidentally got erased when the city’s “mayorofno” server ran out of space.


Things really are tough all over.

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