Lafitte Your Heart Out


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What else could one expect from a bunch of pirates if not a little feuding? New Orleans' pirating scene has been growing in recent years, which should come as no surprise when one considers the choice of drinking rum and hanging around with a bunch of wenches versus blacksmithing and addressing everyone as lord and lady. Pirating has caught on nationally as a sort of sea-worthy renaissance fair alternative. There are frequent events in California, Florida and even landlocked states, says Capt. John Swallow (pictured), a leader of New Orleans' His group has been marauding the city and in cyberspace, where there is a considerable pirate contingent (here, a message board, here). Pyrate Week in New Orleans starts today and there are events for the next nine days. This includes many charitable projects and volunteering opportunities. The eco-friendly swashbucklers are even helping out the Green Project. But be advised there is another group of pirates swooping in on the Big Easy next weekend (, April 3-5). The buccaneers and wenches of are coming in for their own events (including a wench auction). Though there are common roots, the groups are not currently linked, and the scheduling is sort of an unfortunate happenstance. We'll see if New Orleans is big enough for two fleets. And if it makes the pages of Pirate Magazine.


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