Everybody Is Welcome



All people from all races are invited to participate in tomorrow’s rally “Yes We Care” – an anti-violence protest against the killing of young black men -- that will take place in Armstrong Park, starting at 10 a.m.

     “It is for the African American community, but they’re not the only ones invited,” says Richard Weber, a spokesman for New Hope Missionary Baptist Church, which is organizing the event under the leadership of its pastor, Rev. John Raphael.

     The event was planned and organized by black people in order to demonstrate the African American community as a whole is heartbroken over the murdering of so many and willing to standup against the violence.

     “We’re hoping that ones that are concerned about it will show up,” Weber says. “That’s why we’re saying it’s not only for black people because I’m sure there are some whites who are concerned about it also.”

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