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  • Center for Biological Diversity to Louisiana: Stop turtle hunting. The organization says turtles in the U.S. are overharvested to satisfy Asian markets.
  • Members of the International Code Council (ICC) visited the Make It Right neighborhood Wednesday, March 25 to study green building practices and technologies. The ICC’s 2009 Codes Forum Field Activity for Green Building and Disaster Safety reviewed the site to learn more about energy efficiency, new structural and framing technologies, and of course, storm resistant building efforts. Most cities base their building codes from those provided by the ICC. Should the council institute any of the foundation’s ideas, building codes might look a bit greener in the future.
  • If you’re looking to build green yourself, look no further than the 54th annual New Orleans Home & Garden Show. The event showcases hundreds of exhibitors, with a “Green Zone” for builders, consumers, homeowners, et al.
  • A deluge of sustainable gardening information can be overwhelming, but consider this: one amateur home gardener’s garden returned his small investment into a 862-percent profit. Read about Roger Doiron’s experiment here, or get the economic breakdown here.
  • The Environmental Protection Agency awarded the Louisiana Bucket Brigade $20,000 as part of the Environmental Justice Small Grants Program. The Bucket Brigade will use its grant to fund educational campaigns and analyses of the environmental and health impacts of unauthorized discharges from Louisiana refineries in the air and public waterways.
  • Do you prefer lights on, or off? Guerilla gardening — strictly for night owls under cover of darkness — is not technically legal, but these groups are growing, thanks to “troops” like Richard Reynolds’, founded in 2004, and U.S.-soil-based Los Angeles Guerrilla Gardening.
  • This week, Conservation International discovered more than 50 animal species in the South Pacific. Let’s hope they last longer than the ten least likely to survive our lifetime.
  • And lastly, don’t forget: Lights out for Earth Hour, starting Saturday, March 28 at 8:30 p.m.

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