TP’s Gordon Russell Strikes Again, As Does American Zombie



May as well give credit where it’s due: Ashe Dambala of American Zombie has told us for months (years?) that former New Orleans technology chief Gregory Meffert was not all that he pretended to be. Dambala’s posts on the subject are too numerous to mention, but they’re all there.


And now, in Wednesday morning’s (March 25) Times-Picayune, investigative reporter –turned - city editor Gordon Russell shows that he still has his investigative chops. His story peels back even more layers of intrigue and alleged self-dealing between Meffert and some of his former colleagues in the private sector. Much of Russell’s story confirms what Dambala has told us for a long, long time. I’m not here to referee. Both guys did great work on this story.  Read Dambala’s posts and read Russell’s story.


You can bet the feds are already all over this. My sources say the feds have already paid Meffert a very threatening visit … to his home, no less. It was ugly, and he’s scared.


Stay tuned.

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