After 2006, 2008 elections, failure is new GOP talking point


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In what's becoming a more regular event, on the same night Pres. Barack Obama spoke to the nation, Gov. Bobby Jindal was discussing the future of the GOP. Instead of speaking (down) to a national audience, Jindal was addressing a private audience at a Republican fundraiser. (He's in D.C. attending four this week.) He entered into the difficult verbal gymnastics of explaining how Republicans can want Obama to fail and avoid the appearance of opposing what's best for the nation. He accused Democrats of using wishes of failure or success as a form of political correctness with which to beat down Republicans. Though in all fairness, it was Jindal's fan Rush Limbaugh who coined the phrase about wanting Obama to "fail," and offered it as a rallying point for the GOP to regroup. One wonders why Jindal is spending his time defending Limbaugh's stance instead of talking about what the party's elected officials are doing. Apparently some GOP congressmen skipped the fundraiser in favor of catching one of Louisiana's other bright young troubadours, Britney Spears, at the Verizon Center. It's not clear who House Republican Whip Eric Cantor went with. Wonkette reports that his office said he attended with other congress people including, the spokesperson said, Democrats like Sen. Mary Landrieu, but then retracted the certainty of Landrieu's appearance. Other folks talking up failure today included entertainer Fred Thompson and Czech prime minister.

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