Jazz Fest Schedule Grids Released


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With a month to go before Jazz Fest, the schedule grids were released today on Jazz Fest’s Web Site. The annual preview press conference included some special announcements and moments.

-To get things rolling, Allen Toussaint performed with Troy “Trombone Shorty” Andrews. Toussaint even came with a special self-referential song commemorating the moment – rhyming Trombone Shorty with the Fest “turning 40.”

-Artist James Michalopoulos unveiled the official festival poster which depicts Toussaint playing a grand piano on a French Quarter street.

-The Congo Square poster by Gilbert Fletcher captures Troy Andrews in a familiar pose.

-New fest merchandise includes snazzy and jazzy flip flops. Perfect for all Fest weather.

-Last but not least among the ceremonial curiosities were multiple shout-outs to city agencies that work with the festival. Both Arnie Fielkow and Cynthia Willard-Lewis made a point of mentioning the Sanitation Department. A far cry from the usual trash talk downtown.

-In case anyone was wondering, the vintage blue Bentley with the vanity plate “SONGS” parked in front of the Fair Grounds entrance belongs to Toussaint.

-The Allison Miner Music Heritage Stage resumes its pre-Katrina level of programming with full daily schedules of interviews with musicians.

- The Sync Up music industry conference during the Fest is open for registration. It's Web site went online today.


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