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Your twice-weekly debriefing returns.


  • Recession-proof food exists. Should we find ourselves foraging in the wild streets of our post-financial-meltdown apocalypse, take note of where to find totally free food along the Gulf Coast and elsewhere.
  • The folks at TreeHugger can offer some advice on landing a green-collar job in the midst of a recession, or if you're still stuck, try their job listings or click on over to SustainLane.
  • Now some bad news: it's official. As if we didn't know that already.
  • The good news is that it's OK, 'cause the White House is getting a vegetable garden, the first since Victory Gardens were the thing to do. Consider its potential impact on the average American household, if Victory Gardens were any indication. Our first lady wants to eliminate processed food from the family's diet. Take that, Big Ag.
  • While we're on food, Crescent City Farmers Market has eliminated bottled water, replaced styrofoam coffee cups with biodegradable ones, and now recycles newspaper. Kay and Ray Brandhurst of Four Winds Seafood use the Times-Picayune to wrap their shrimp. Up next: reusable shopping bags.

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