She can't get curbside recycling done, but even in these challenging times for publishers, City of New Orleans sanitation director Veronica White does seem to know how to get a book contract. Published this week was White's new tome, How to Maximize FEMA Funding after a Natural Disaster, now on sale at Amazon and Barnes & Noble for $35:

In an era of unprecedented natural disasters and terrorist attacks, emergency preparedness has become of paramount concern for those people on the front lines at all national, state, county and local levels, both private and public.

The key to successful response and recovery is planning and preparedness in order to minimize loss of time, money and, most importantly, lives. Veronica T. White has been there.

As a New Orleans city official, Ms. White discovered firsthand how to cope with disaster in the aftermath of Katrina and how to navigate the Byzantine worlds of government agencies tasked with aiding in the recovery efforts -- in particular, FEMA.

Can't argue with the fact that she knows how to navigate Byzantine government agencies. Check out the reviews:

"This book is the most valuable tool in your time of crisis. Read it; heed it."

The New York Times Review of Books? No; Dr. Edward J. Blakely, executive director, Office of Recovery and Development Administration, City of New Orleans.

The publisher is listed as "DEW Enterprises of Orleans," of which blogger Schroeder of People Get Ready writes:

DEW Enterprises of Orleans? Oh, that’s David E. White. The name similarity is probably just a coincidence.

David E. White’s company is listed in the New Orleans Sewerage & Water Board “State-Local Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program,” is a preferred contractor for the Housing Authority of New Orleans and Louis Armstrong Airport (where David White is also a board member), and probably enjoys preferred consideration for contracts with other city agencies as well.

Dang. We never got our review copy -- from either White or White.

(hat tip: Karen Gadbois of The New Orleans Institute)

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