Tonight at 10! Battle of the Network Investigative Reporters!


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Anyone else see this promo for WDSU news the other night? It has sound clips from an interview that reporter Travers Mackel gave to Rush Radio morning hosts Caster & Walensky, who were full of praise for Mackel's coverage of the City Hall e-maelstrom. Nothing new about a station tooting its own horn, of course, but it's the last few seconds of the interview that surprised me (and, yes, made me laugh out loud):

Castner: I think Travers is now our favorite investigative reporter. I do, I do! I think ... what's the dude who's over at --

Wolensky: Lee Zurik!

Castner: Yeah. I think you've just replaced him!

Yo! Zurik! You've been called out! Obviously the only way to solve this is with an old-fashioned bare-knuckled newscaster parking lot brawl, a la Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy:


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