Eco-Villainy: Sony BMG


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In honor of Alex Woodward — touching TREE-hugger, The Gambit's Green Lantern and an all-around chivalrous hombre to Mother Earth — presenting a new series in which we rail on those who dare to furnish us with free stuff in environmentally unsustainable trappings. (Otherwise known as the end of swag as we know it.) The inaugural Eco-Villain: Sony BMG! (Boo, hiss.) Sony, we know it was of utmost importance that you bestowed upon newspapers across the nation the pictured Chairlift promo in as timely a manner as possible. But did you have to do so in an extra puffy, double-sized package large enough to contain several chairs and/or multiple lifts? A simple recycled envelope would have sufficed. Receiving this felt like getting an octuplet in the mail; trashing it felt like kicking the entire green movement into Doc Brown's Dolorean and dialing up the Reagan years.


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