Busy Busy Bobby: Another day, another set of fundraisers



As The Times-Picayune reports this a.m., Gov. Bobby Jindal will be holding four separate campaign fundraisers next week on a trip to Washington, D.C., all to benefit Friends of Bobby Jindal, the org founded to support his 2011 gubernatorial reelection bid (*wink!*).

Also on the D.C. schedule: Jindal will be honored March 24 by the National Republican Campaign Committee at a dinner hosted by Reps. John Boehner, Peter Roskam and Pete Sessions. The money from that one (which starts at $2,500 per person and goes up from there) will benefit the NRCC, not Jindal. (If your fancy-dan invite got lost in the mail, get your copy here.)

If all this gubernatorial to-ing and fro-ing has you confused, check out Where's Bobby?, a handy Web tool posted at the site Old River Road. They keep track of Jindal's fundraising peregrinations so you don't have to:


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