Another newspaper bites the dust



Not unexpected: the Seattle Post-Intelligencer prints its last edition tomorrow and goes online-only on Wednesday in a very different format:

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer newspaper will produce its last printed edition on Tuesday and become an Internet-only news source, the Hearst Corporation said on Monday, making it by far the largest American newspaper to take that leap.

But the P-I, as it is called, will resemble a local Huffington Post more than a traditional newspaper, with a news staff of about 20 people rather than the 165 it has had, and a site consisting mostly of commentary, advice and links to other news sites, along with some original reporting.

The site has recruited some current and former government officials to write columns, and it will keep some of the popular columnists and bloggers who already work there, in addition to the large number of unpaid local bloggers whose work appears on the site. Hearst also plans to repackage material from its large stable of magazines for the site.

This follows the demise last month of the Rocky Mountain News. Next up, perhaps, is the San Francisco Chronicle, though unions agreed this weekend to previously-unthinkable cuts in order to keep the paper going a while longer.

No word on what's to happen with the P-I's fantastic rooftop neon globe, a Seattle landmark for decades:


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