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    New Orleans isn't running out of grease any time soon. They do, however, have to find a way to get rid of it (if they're not fueling cars with it, that is). The folks at Vegawatt have engineered a machine that converts used, dirty vegetable oil into renewable energy sources. Next time you're out for fried oysters, slip the owner a brochure.
  • For those of you who about Jordan Shay's backyard in our last Green Matters, she finally got those rabbits.
  • Bummed you can't recycle? So are they. Our garbage isn't going anywhere. It might leave your bin, but it's only going to theirs, and theirs is way bigger than the one that sits in your driveway.
  • In Sportsman's Paradise, the environment is essential. Where else you gonna shoot at? CNN reports some hunters are switching to lead-free "green" ammunition.
  • But it you'd rather be more eco-friendly at home, and you have a Twitter account (hey, everyone's doing it), you might be more inclined to build a Tweet-a-Watt to plug into a home outlet and measure your energy consumption. The basic electronics are ripped from a Kill-a-Watt, available at most hardware stores. With a few modifications, demonstrated by Limor at, the device can report back to you in your twitter feed.
  • For more twitter-y technogoods, Botanicalls has a product that, when built, allows your plants to speak to you. No, really. The DIY plant reader (re: assembly and soldering iron required) sits in your plant's soil and tweets you when its thirsty, hungry, etc. Think an Audrey II for the socially detached masses.

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