To hell with Jazz Fest...the JONAS BROTHERS are coming



Here's one for our vast readership of 11-year-old girls: the Jonas Brothers World Tour will be pulling into New Orleans — and into the very hearts of New Orleanians — on Aug. 15. (Commence squealing here.) The details:

"The Jonas Brothers World Tour 2009" will present the band's most ambitious production yet and will include a massive 140-foot plus stage centered in the arena that aims to give a larger number of Jonas Brothers fans a closer, more interactive live concert than they've ever experienced before. The show will feature cutting edge technology used in a one-of-a-kind circular water screen, multi-color laser effects, motion automated video screens, a giant crane levitating over the audience plus other surprises that will bring the tour to the next level of concert entertainment.

Tickets go on sale Mar. 20. So save your allowance.

In the meantime, if you missed last night's South Park take on the brothers Jonas, it's available here (can't get it to embed, unfortunately). Rock out!


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