Time Columnist Solves Print Problem



Joel Stein, a writer for Time Magazine who admits he is “desperate for attention,” thought he had found the answer to print industry’s financial crisis. Product placement.

     Stein secured $25,000 from Pom Wonderful pomegranate juice on the understanding that the juice would be used in Stein’s column in order to promote its corporate message of health and luxury. The Pom Wonderful marketing folks weren’t interested in just any type of product placement such as the film company that wanted to use the Pom Wonderful bottle as a bong in their movie. Too bad, a lot of people have used those bottles to hold non-pomegranate beverages.

     Unfortunately, Stein’s editors made him turn the check over to charity, but not before Stein wrote his column, espousing the healthy and luxurious effects of downing Pom Wonderful.

     So, in the end, Stein fulfilled his requirement of writing a column, grabbed $25,000 for charity and promoted his college buddy’s product (Mark Tupper, president of Pom Wonderful, attended Stanford University with Stein).

     Hmm. Maybe he’s on to something, and, yeah, I’m aware I just gave Stein more attention and Pom Wonderful more press.

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