Your Infrequent Off-Season Saints Analysis


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Saints runnin

Photograph by Jonathan Bachman


With the way last season went and with the moves and non-moves that this off-season has produced, you gotta think the Saints would be great at running an amusement park. On the one hand, you got a pretty good sideshow with how things are going with Jeremy Shockey — it's a sure bet he won't be happy hearing about this. Then you got a nice house of mirrors going with the whole LaDanian Tomlinson will-he-or-won't-he-oh-wait-he-didn't (plus, who needs LT anyway?). Oh, and never mind the whole magic act this team has to pull to get the players they need and their fans want while still managing to stay under the salary cap.


So what are we looking at? Well, Sean Payton and Gregg Williams sure seem sincere about shoring up the black and gold defense, but how do you explain being able to sign Jabari Greer away from the Bills but they're beat out by the Cowboys on Gerald Sensabaugh (though that may not be a bad thing). Then you have Reggie Bush making headlines with Kim Kardashian, Jonathan Vilma getting in and out of some noise right before signing an extension.


And yet, what can we even tell at this point of the year? The NFL draft is still over a month away and it's looking like the Saints will pick up even more help for the secondary. The question remains, is this team making moves to be better in 2009 than they were in 2008? The future of the franchise in Louisiana may depend on that answer.


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