Malibu Bobby: California, here he comes



On the heels of Meet the Press and 60 Minutes and Larry King Live and the Official Republican Response and the family vacation at Disney World, Gov. Jindal is managing to get in a bit of personal time tomorrow with a fundraiser in Malibu, Calif.......for his, er, uh, next gubernatorial campaign. Yeah, gubernatorial campaign. That's the ticket....

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal will be travelling to Malibu, California on Wednesday to attend a fundraiser in support of his gubernatorial reelection campaign.

The fundraising will not stop there. On March 4th, Governor Jindal will be attending another fundraiser for his re-election in San Diego, in Fairfield and in Palo Alto, California.

On Thursday, March 5th, the Governor will join Obama Administration officials on a tour of hurricane damaged areas in New Orleans and then attend a “Welcome Home” ceremony for the 927th engineering company from Afghanistan.

At this rate, they're gonna forget what he looks like back home in sleepy old Baton Rouge....

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