Parker Secures Client's Freedom


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Armon Mosadegh, who was arrested and sent to Orleans Parish Prison on a misdemeanor marijuana charge, is expected to be released from prison today on a 701 release. Mosadegh is one of 135 clients currently represented by Orleans public defender Chant’a Parker, who is featured in this week’s cover story, “Playing Defense: Is the Constitutional Right to Legal Counsel Becoming Endangered in New Orleans?”


A 701 release occurs when the district attorney’s office fails to formally charge a defendant within a specified amount of time (45 days for a misdemeanor and 60 days for a felony, unless it a case that could result in life imprisonment or capital punishment, then the district attorney’s office has 120 days).


Mosadegh spent 51 days in OPP before Judge Gerald Hansen of Orleans Parish’s Magistrate Court ordered his release based on Parker’s petition. 


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