Jindal's World: The Dems punch back and the GOP punches again, and...oh, who cares



The Louisiana Democratic Party has issued a statement about Gov. Bobby Jindal's office and its sorta-kinda retraction-clarification on the Harry Lee story:

Gov. Jindal told the story in a way that made it sound like he was assisting Harry Lee in the sheriff’s office as rescue boats were being turned away – which the governor’s office now says wasn’t the case. The first responders’ heroism during Katrina is something that Louisianians hold sacred, and people are upset that Gov. Jindal framed the incident as if he was one of those first responders.

No word on whether "people" are upset that the Dems are now working those first responders' heroism as shamelessly as did Gov. Jindal.

Meanwhile, the Jindal office provides this YouTube video to Politico.com, and Politico notes:

Gov. Bobby Jindal's office, stressing that he visited Sheriff Henry [sic] Lee in the heat of the Katrina crisis, sends over a video of the late sheriff recalling the storm and its aftermath.

In this video, Sheriff Harry Lee recalls Jindal arriving "the day after" the storm and says, "He was there all the time."

Lee doesn't recount or date the story of red tape delaying rescule boats in the video.

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