RNC chairman offers Jindal "slum love"


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In all the foofaraw over Gov. Bobby Jindal's address to the nation Tuesday night (volcanoes! Chris Matthews! Sheriff Harry Lee!), this element should not go unnoticed....

Seems that Republican National Committee chairman Michael Steele was being interviewed by ABC radio host Curtis Sliwa last night when they had this exchange:

Curtis Sliwa: Now, using a little bit of that street terminology, are you giving him any slum love, Michael?

Michael Steele: (laughter)

Curtis Sliwa: Because he is -- when guys look at him and young women look at him -- they say, Oh, that's the slumdog millionaire governor. So, give me some slum love.

Michael Steele: I love it. (inaudible)...some slum love out to my buddy, Gov. Bobby Jindal is doing a friggin' awesome job in his state. He's really turned around on some core principles -- like hey, government ought not be corrupt.

"Friggin' awesome," Mr. Steele.


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