New Orleans music reaches ever further



As an addendum to this week's cover story on New Orleans metal, here's an anecdote from my interview with Pepper Keenan that illustrates just how far New Orleans sounds have penetrated:

I was in f***'in Riga, Latvia. Do you know where that is? We were playing with Metallica in Latvia. Amd we had a night off and we went to this little cliub, just boozing it up, drinking this amazing beer, having a good time. And this bartender, who barely spoke a lick of English - we started talking, and we told him we were from New Orleans. And his eyes just lit up and he said "Oh my God. Do you know Lil Wayne?” And he started singing "Lollipop." And I’m sitting there thinking, this is the most twisted thing I’ve ever seen in my f***in’ life. My boy from Gert Town’s got people in Latvia singing his s**t.”

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