Jan Ramsey suggests weed, hoes as economic solution for New Orleans


pot girl

In the issue of Offbeat magazine's Weekly Beat e-newsletter that went out today, Editor-in-Chief Jan Ramsey suggested a novel method for New Orleans to jump-start its economy: following Amsterdam's example, the city should legalize marijuana and reintroduce a prostitution district.

"I also have the solution to solving New Orleans' economic problems now and forever: let's make it the Amsterdam of the U.S.

First, decriminalize marijuana use (oh the horror of Michael Phelps getting caught hitting a bong!!) and confine it to "coffee houses" in specific areas of the city; and second, re-create Storyville with taxed, legalized, controlled, clean prostitution. No more Canal Street madams or martyrs for David Vitter!

I can hear the screaming and outraged yelling now. But have you ever been to Amsterdam?

Think about it."

It might not be such a bad idea at that. Any suggestions as to who would be best suited to head up the new Mayor's Office of Weed and Hoes?

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