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Food is a hot topic in the blogosphere, but it's not just home cooks and restaurant patrons sharing their thoughts and meals. Chefs are joining the online din too. One recent addition to the vortex is Justin Devillier, executive chef at La Petite Grocery.

His blog is an easy promotional tool for the restaurant, and he includes links to La Petite Grocery and posts about menu changes, often with photos from the kitchen.

But Devillier has had some recent experiences that make more interesting foodie fodder, like his guest appearance in the kitchen of the James Beard House in New York last month. He and Tariq Hanna , pastry chef of Sucre, prepared a dinner at the national culinary showcase, and Devillier details the trip in words and video on his blog.

I'm always interested in what professional chefs take away from dining at other restaurants, and Devillier is starting to add such posts as well. More content like that and I'll probably be a frequent reader of his blog.

Chris DeBarr, the former chef of the Delachaise, had some deeply detailed posts going on his own blog for a while. And Commander's Palace owners Ti Martin and Lally Brennan have been blogging on their new cocktail/culinary site, along with Lu Brow, bartender at Swizzle Stick Bar in their Café Adelaide.

There must be more. If you follow any blogs by local chefs, please share with the class below.


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