This just in: Puppies are awesome


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Apparently, ratings for the Super Bowl yesterday were down a smidge from last year. Could it be because the Animal Planet channel's delightful alternative was so mesmerizingly awesome?

The Animal Planet Puppy Bowl, which has so far enjoyed significant increases in ratings each year since its premiere in 2005, features fluffy, adorable puppies gamboling and frolicking with one another in a scaled-down stadium stage set. (All competing puppies are shelter dogs; you can visit Animal Planet's site for info on adoption.) Yesterday, the three-hour show ran in a loop beginning midmorning, as pre-game festivities began to air for that other bowl, and continued until 5 a.m. this morning. As an objective reporter, I can conclude that it was the cutest and most hypnotic show ever aired on television. I will not admit how much of the eighteen-hour-or-so puppy broadcast I stayed glued to the television for, or at what point my own dog gave up on the show and went in the other room to chew something alone.

Should you have missed this important television event for some reason, DVDs are available here.


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