The CBD becomes a drive-in tonight


Mr Bill

As part of the World Wetlands Day activities in the city today, Walter Williams (the Mr. Bill filmmaker and wetlands activist) will be screening three short films tonight in the CBD. The screen? The side of One Shell Square:

Documentary filmmaker Walter Williams, the creator of Mr. Bill from classic Saturday Night Live, will be screening his films on Louisiana’s coastal crisis and the oil industry’s role in destroying our wetlands on the side of One Shell Square. Marking today’s celebration of World Wetlands Day, the Gulf Restoration Network is collaborating with the filmmaker to demand that Shell and other oil companies with a legacy dredging pipeline and exploration canals come to the table and provide critical resources for coastal restoration.

The three films -- Restoring Our Coast: Who Pays?, Surrounded by Water and Shell Wetlands Public Service Announcement -- will screen at 7 p.m., and organizers of the event say they should be visible from the French Quarter.

(Gambit profiled Williams and his coastal restoration crusade last spring; read about it here.)

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