Obama continues to rock the airwaves



Correct me if I'm wrong, but not a lot of American presidents have wound up immortalized in song, and none as extensively as our latest POTUS. Just before the election, I did a by-no-means-complete roundup of musical paeans to Barack Obama. Then, today, I heard this for the first time: a remix of Jim Jones and Ron Browz #1 Billboard hip-hop and R&B hit "Pop Champagne" with the opening verse rewritten as a tribute to the new President - certainly the most-mentioned political figure in hip-hop outside of Benjamin Franklin. It's a poppy club-rap track, with lots of AutoTune and a spare conga-esque beat that bubbles up fatly in a way that evokes the titular champagne, and the melody is so addictively singsongy that I guarantee if you listen, you will be hearing this in your head for hours, if not days:

We voted for a change and now we made it

No disrespect to McCain and Palin

We rocked the vote and now we celebratin'

President Barack and VP Biden

Oh-oh, pop champagne

Oh-on, for Barack campaign

Somebody please make it stop?

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