A (safe) bicycle built for two



New Orleans was saddened and I would think, somewhat embarrassed, when 25-year-old Kirsten Brydum - a visitor and community activist from San Francisco who was in town for the first time - was murdered in late September. Brydum was shot in the early hours of a Saturday morning while on route by bicycle from the Howlin' Wolf to the house where she was staying in the Ninth Ward.

Now, New Orleans cyclists (we're not talking weekend Audubon Park exercisers here; these are the folks who, for political, aesthetic, environmental or economic reasons use two wheels as their main mode of transport) are a strong, tight-knit community. In response to the tragedy, they've hit upon a possible solution named in her honor: Brydum Tandem Project NOLA. The program is a community-based effort, the sort of thing Brydum herself would have supported, through which cyclists in New Orleans can request a two-person bike escort 24 hours a day, in most parts of the city, to ride home with - or even a car that can toss a bike in the trunk.

Email btpnola@gmail.com or call 985-628-1330 for more information, or join the group here on Facebook.

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