Cerasoli's resignation: Mayor Nagin and the City Council bid farewell



Statement from the New Orleans City Council:

We would like to express our gratitude to New Orleans' first Inspector General Robert Cerasoli for his tireless efforts over the last 17 months serving as an independent watchdog over City government.

Cerasoli's long-term vision and mutually respectful relationship with the Council was a clear catalyst for a voter approved City Charter change that solidified permanent financing for the office.

Under his leadership, operational and policy standards were set ensuring the fluid continuation of the Office of Inspector General for years to come. This will be his legacy to the government and citizens of New Orleans.

We offer reassurance to all citizens that the Council will stand by the Office of Inspector General and pledge our support of its independent work to ensure transparency and accountability in government.

We wish Mr. Cerasoli the very best for his health and a happy retirement.

Statement from Mayor Ray Nagin:

I wish Mr. Cerasoli the best as he leaves to address his health concerns. Despite his departure, I believe the Office of the Inspector General can play an important role in this community. I re-instituted the Ethics Review Board, which appoints and supervises the Inspector General, because such an administrative auditor can help us improve city policies and procedures on behalf of the citizens we all serve.

C. Ray Nagin


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