I've been scratching my head as to why F**ked Up's latest album has received so much critical praise. Not because I don't like it (I most definitely do), but it's strange to see a punk band that hasn't been cast aside, left to smaller circuits of praise-givers. Though every once in a while, something good comes along that is just too good to ignore.


The band’s latest release, 2008’s Chemistry of Common Life (Matador), received overwhelming praise for its billions of guitar tracks (well, 70, but c’mon), lush shoegaze arrangements and philosophical outpourings regarding life, death and religion from a lumberjack of a wolfman known as Pink Eyes. Clocking in more than twice the length of a standard hardcore punk album, it teetered on the edge of everything, though remained wholly a punk album by a punk band, and has been swooned over by hipsters and punks alike (though the ‘F’ word-as-band-name phenomenon may have something to do with that, i.e. F**k Buttons, Holy F**k, Starf**ker, F**k).


The Toronto band plays tonight at 7 p.m. at the all-ages Ducbo warehouse (2728 N. Derbigny St. and 1616 St. Ferdinand St.) with tourmates/metallurgists Iron Age, and local noise enthusiasts Necro Hippies and Haarp. Admission is $5.

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