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Have you seen these short films, “Fifty People, One Question,”?  They are the brainchild of local filmmaker, Benjamin Reece, who starts out with one question and hits the streets to find his answers. You might think with just a single query and 50 people the responses could be repetitive and boring, but they’re not thanks to Reece and his partners editing skills, the question and the settings.

The first one takes place on Magazine Street outside of Rue De La Course, and — spoiler alert (this is the only one of the films that I’ll give away the question — and Reece asks New Orleanians wandering down the street or out of the coffeehouse what they wish to happen by the end of the day.  Some people seem to almost expect the question, others are amused and befuddled, some spend a little time thinking before answering, but most give at least a few moments of their day to seriously answer a stranger’s question.

 “I wanted to film people, and, perhaps, make a connection,” Reece says.

He certainly did, and since then Reece has taken his project to the streets of Brooklyn and London. His first effort is a featured film on YouTube.com, and Reece reports the film has been viewed at various sites about 900,000 times.

So in the spirit of Ben Reece and this being a cold rainy day in New Orleans, what would you wish to happen by the end of the day?


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