It's safe to say the small local group I joined this morning to watch President Obama's

inauguration on television was solidly in the man's corner.

Everyone was smiling and some seemed a bit giddy. There were plenty of political jokes going around at the expense of the previous administration, particularly inspired by Cheney's now startling resemblance to Dr. Stangelove.

Everyone shut up during Obama's address, but I did miss about 30 seconds of his speech after the MSNBC camera flashed on a scene in the crowd and focused on none other than New Orleans' own part-time lover mayor, Ray Nagin himself.

The room instantly rang with spontaneous booing, jeers, hisses and exclamations of "no!," followed by a few frenzied moments of people expressing their dread that Nagin was representing New Orleans during today's historic ceremony in Washington. He was not identified on camera, but he was unmistakable to those of us living under his administration.

It says something that a crowd of New Orleanians staunchly in favor of the new Democrat in the Oval Office and proud of their part in electing America's first black president would have such a viscerally negative reaction to their hometown's chief executive.

Meanwhile, Gov. Bobby Jindal stayed home for the inauguration.

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